Windsurfing is an Aquatic Sport

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Windsurfing is an aquatic sport that is also called sail-boarding or boardsailing.  It combines the techniques and disciplines of surfing and sailing.  According to Shuswap Rentals, windsurfing emerged in California in the 1960s and since then, has made its way across the globe.  Nowadays, windsurfers can be found on a variety of waterways from indoor pools to open ocean.  The sport has become an Olympic event and there are numerous competitions dedicated specifically.  Challenging slalom courses are an example of competitions which require a high level of control.

Windsurfers are capable of moving across the water at extremely high speeds by using a modified surfboard with a moveable mast.  The windsurfer stands upright on the board and controls the sail on a boom in order to maneuver and catch the wind.  Ideally, the windsurfer chooses a spot with brisk prevailing winds in order to get the full effect, although some prefer to windsurf in calmer environments. Most boards have been specifically customized for windsurfing.  There are a variety of long and short board designs available for different kinds of activities. Windsurfers are capable of reaching interesting and remote areas that remain inaccessible to conventional surfers. 

Being successful at windsurfing helps if one understands the basics of both surfing and sailing.  The sail on the windsurfing board operates similar to that on a sailing boat.  Therefore, knowledge of how sails work and understanding how to work with the wind in order to achieve a certain destination or particular speed will greatly increase the chances of becoming skilled at windsurfing.  Standing on a board requires a great sense of balance.  It is very easy for the sailboard, as it is often referred to, to become out of control, causing the windsurfer to fall into the water.  Knowing how to swim is a vital skill necessary for this sport since one has to be prepared for the inevitability of falling into the water.

Instruction courses in windsurfing are offered all over the world.  Some people choose to start indoors at a pool, learning the basics before eventually graduating to lakes, bays, rivers and the open ocean.  Instructors offer a thorough background in sailing and surfing practices to those students who have no prior experience in these disciplines.  Instructors ought to be happy to share information regarding their experience level and their qualification. Being safety conscious is definitely a trait you want your instructor to have as well. People of all ages can go windsurfing, including very young children.  Fans of the sport like to say, "If you can stand, you can windsurf, with some practice!"

Kite surfing, is a variation of windsurfing where the surfer uses an aerofoil, rather than a fixed mast and sail.

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Windsurfing is an Aquatic Sport

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This article was published on 2011/04/19