Things To Know About Paddle Surfing

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Those who love water sport must be very familiar with surfing. This popular sport brings many benefits for those who practice it because it is fun, it gives you a chance to do your workout, it increases your stamina and it improves your balance and focus. However, it doesn't mean there is no critical limitations to this sport. First of all, surfing the traditional way can only be conducted if a body of water producing waves is available: meaning the ocean is needed for this sport. That is why millions of fans having no access to an ocean have to find another alternative to satisfy their need. A new sport has been blossoming recently thanks to its similar benefits as surfing but not requiring the ocean for its operation. With paddle surfing, a new rage has been formed among those who long for enjoying a challenging sport and gaining physical benefits at the same time.


This sport originated in Hawaii and is actually the ancient form of traditional surfing. Instead of lying flat on the board and using your arms to paddle across the water, with Paddle Surfing, you are standing up on the board and using an actual paddle to propel you through the water.. One of the obvious benefits is that when standing up one has increased visibility and can see oncoming swells earlier than those who are in a lying down position.


Those who have experienced this new phenomenon claim that the workout they get from paddle surfing is intense. It could be considered a full body workout that can improve balance while working arms, legs and abdominal core all while the participant is having so much fun they hardly realize the effort they are putting forth. Some traditional surfers are using this new technique of paddle surfing as a method of cross training. Does this sound like the kind of exercise that you or someone you know would embrace?


The sport is new but it is gaining popularity. Races have been organized that allow participants to have the thrill of competing along with the fun of the actual sport itself.


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Things To Know About Paddle Surfing

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This article was published on 2010/10/13