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Its only been a few months since video footage of tarp surfing appeared online, but the game has become very popular in the US as well as outside. People are viewing the videos posted by different tarp surf crews and buying their own gear to play this new game. The popularity of the tarp surfing has resulted in different tarp surfing events being held in the US, Europe, and Australia. Here are some details of events that featured tarp surfing exclusively.

Grind Out Hungers First annual Tarp Surfing Extravaganza

Grind Out Hunger is a charity that helps feed children in Santa Cruz, CA. It recently organized a tarp surfing event for helping the needy children. Homer Henard, Chris Killen and Omar Etcheverryguys who created the most well-known tarp surf video onlineattended the event. 500 pounds of food was raised from the tarp surfing session.

The Plastik Barrel

The Plastik Barrel series event, held on August 12, 2010, was the first tarp surfing event in Europe. It took place in the parking lot of Paradise Surf Shop Biarritz, France and was held by Rusty and Desillusion Mag. Some 300 people, including both young and old, attended the event.

The Island Water Sports' Tarp Surfing Contest

This contest was held on September 17, 2010 in front of the Island Water Sports store in Deerfield Beach, south Florida. Criteria for judging the tarp surfers included things like enthusiasm, tricks, activity, and attempts. T-money team won the event and was given a trophy and some other prizes.
These events provide an opportunity to everyone of enjoying tarp surfing. Tarp surf sessions were also held on the premieres of movies such as Stoked and Broke and Surf Australia. With tarp surfing becoming more and more popular, one can expect more tarp surfing events taking happening worldwide. Find out more about the game by visiting tarpsurfing.co.uk
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Tarp Surfing Events

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This article was published on 2010/09/30